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India is worthy of praises, for it’s vast number of holy shrines, sacred destinations & pilgrimages, where believers, travelers & worshipers throng, from across the nation and the globe. Here you are bound to witness and perhaps be a part of a whirlpool that people travel to reinvigorate, enrich and find the spiritual self, inner peace and enlightenment.

God believers, Experience Lovers & Nirvana Seekers

Your heaven for life.
where balance & harmony begins. upcoming across multiple locations

your heaven of life.
where rejuvenation begins

Nestled in the heart of the sacred city, Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, Krishna Valley is a experiential holistic destination wellness resort and a great urban escape. Located right on the highway, it exhibits a serene property, surrounded by 9 acres of bountiful greenery and amenities, overlooking the spiritual town, that glorifies the birth place of Lord Sri Krishna and is dotted with various temples, with the belief, spending time in these sacred shrines may offer a solace to your soul and an opportunity of seeking blessings.

Krishna Valley - integrates traditional Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic knowledge with international wellness experiences, fitness and healthy organic cuisine to conceive the symphony of a balanced life.
A haven of body, mind & soul with all the resources, warmth and possibility that makes it a world-class a signature offering.


Unique Concept

a planned resort full of facilities & amenities

Ample facilities, amenities, activities and many other thoughtful features add up to making a beautiful staying experience, bundled with the convenience of modern day luxuries, makes perfect sense be in for a short or long stay.


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